New Links Added

Thanks to some local Ministers of Music (John Cashion at Beaver Dam Baptist and Carl Brown at Yellow Creek Baptist) I have some new links for you!

First, Dennis and Nan Allen have a music site.  Here is an excerpt from their site”Allen House Productions is a Christian music and drama self-publishing company, owned by Dennis and Nan Allen. They have been writing for most of the mainline Christian publishers for over 25 years, and this Allen House Productions web-based company allows for the creation and publication of a variety of specialty products for the church and school.”

This site features music for students, children, adults, and drama all available for download.  For example, this link features adult choir music for $3.99 each (including copy permission) and rhythm charts for $0.99.

Also, a local musician has a website allowing you to order custom instrumental music.  Visit to get more info.

Next, I added Paul Baloche’s blog/site ( and Choral Club Links to Brentwood-Benson, G3 (band), Prism, and one to Rosemont Baptist.  If you have any other links you enjoy using, please e-mail me (


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