Stay Current – New Christian Music Releases

Over at the New Release Tuesday website, you can find the latest Christian music releases.  Notably, today is the release of a new Michael W. Smith album, “Wonder”, along with releases from Lincoln Brewster, Charlie Hall, and Bebo Norman.  Chances are, you’ve heard songs from all of these artists.  If not, it’s easy (and FREE) to preview some.  Set up your free iTunes account and head over to the iTunes store to search top tens of this week’s Christian Music charts.  You may also check out popular video sites like YouTube, for full samples of songs viewers have uploaded.

You may say, “I don’t need to think about this type of music, we don’t sing that in our churches”.  That’s fine and dandy!  BUT, take time to remember these points:

1) Do your best to stay current .  Current music may not always be congregational friendly, but you never know when a soloist (vocal or instrumental) could enhance your thematic worship with a current, relevant song.

2) Take every opportunity to relate to the youth in your church.  Especially if you have a youth choir.  These new songs are PERFECT ways to keep the youth excited about singing, and use them as a bridge to the congregation.  Introduce a new songs through THEM, and then have the congregation sing the chorus or a verse and chorus from it, as the youth lead them vocally.

3) Expand your musical palate.  Take the time to listen to new songs often…of ALL styles.  Use the Biblical mandate of singing “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” to enhance your personal AND corporate worship.

4) Always be ready.  You never know when a youth or a person in your church will come to you and say, “I’m struggling with my personal music choices…can you help point me in the direction of some positive, Christian music?”…Be knowledgeable of at LEAST a few notable Christian artists so that you may always be ready to help someone in their walk with Christ.


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