Planning Worship

Many times, if you are bi-vocational, worship planning does not get the allotted time you want to give towards it.  It is very difficult to balance family, work, and ministry.  Here are some planning tips that will hopefully help you in your planning efforts…got something to add?…comment below and I’ll add it to the post!

1) Cover it in prayer.  Prayer for your planning (with your staff, spouse, or even by yourself) is this most crucial step you can take in planning a God-centered worship service.

2) Get organized.  First, read the passage the Pastor has given you.  If you no not have that passage, merely ask the Pastor where he is leading on that given Sunday.  More times than not, they will be happy to give you that information.  Figure out the Pastor’s game plan for his main theme and then go to step three.

3) Read the Word.  Read the passage from a few different versions.  Read the scripture everyday.  God will use that time to open your eyes to a new idea and lead you in planning.  Without this time, you could be planning songs about creation (This is My Father’s World, All Creatures of My God and King, etc) and you Pastor is speaking on the second coming!

4) Make notes.  First, jot all ideas on a service draft, no matter how outlandish.  Keep a running notepad of your thoughts.  Once you are close to finalizing, put it into a more professional, organized fashion with Microsoft Word, Excel, or even a software designed to plan worship.

5) Communicate.  Communicate ahead of time (if possible) with every person involved in the service that you are planning.  Make notes such as :

Sunday Morning, October 3, 2010-Sound Volunteer – Bob, Visual Volunteer – Ed, Guitar – Beethoven, Choir Anthem – “You Are My God and King”, Deacon prayer – JohnBoy, and on and on

Use these space for special notes to the A/V volunteers like: prayer from channel 3, or mute choir mics after anthem, etc..

6) Prepare: Prepare the platform, music copies, musical markings, visual aids, etc ahead of time and have it in place for your volunteers.  Make their job easy.  This make you look/feel organized and prepared and allows for minimal worship interruptions due to lack of communication.

7) Allow for personal worship time: make sure YOU are ready for worship by reading the Word, listening to music, starting a daily devotional blog/journal, meeting with staff and praying, etc.

I know there are many other ideas and details we could add here…let me know your thoughts and I’ll add them for the other readers!


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