Post from Catalyst Space about the Church

A friend recently forwarded me a blog post from (written by Tim Schraeder) about working in the church.  It is an interesting read that may be eye-opening to some.  You also may disagree with some of the points, but either way, take a few moments to read it…here is the “Top ten” list…go to the site HERE to read the points made for each of the ten.

“…here’s 10 Things That Drive Me Crazy About Working for a Church

1. We are really good at burning people out.
2. We focus way too much on what we don’t have.
3. We are afraid of change.
4. We use “let me pray about it” as an excuse to get out of making decisions.
5. We LOVE meetings.
6. We try to do way too much.
7. We try to be something we’re not.
8. We spend too much time looking at other churches.
9. We worry about people leaving.
10. We don’t feel trusted.

Final Thoughts…
Church work is tricky but I will say the blessings have far outweighed the frustrations.
The challenge of being on staff at a church lies in the fact that we don’t have the option to leave our work at the end of the day.  Our work is deeply connected to what we believe and to our faith community. It’s easy to get passionate about what we do because we do is attached to something that’s incredibly personal to us.  We’ve got to learn the discipline of drawing boundaries.
While the Church has endured throughout the ages, each generation has had its unique challenges and opportunities. I believe the challenge and opportunity facing next generation leaders lies in how we manage and steward the resources we’ve been blessed with.
We’ve never been more resourced than we are today… which is why things like REWORK are important for us to latch on to. We don’t need to change what we do [connecting people to Christ], we need to change how we work.
My prayer is that we can REWORK and do the work God has called us to do, not simply by applying business ideas, but by seeking God, being led by His Spirit and serving the Church with excellence and humility.
“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart…” – Colossians 3:23″


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