A Cantata Review : “Come Walk with Me” by Pepper Choplin

New to Lorenz, comes Pepper Choplin‘s latest choir musical/cantata called, “Come Walk with Me” (© 2011).  This is Choplin’s fourth Easter collection.  The first came with “Once Upon a Tree” and then “Were You There” followed by “Come, Touch the Robe” and now “Come Walk with Me”.

From his website, “Pepper Choplin earned his Bachelor of Music degree at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Master of Music degree in composition at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.  He currently has over two hundred anthems in addition to eight choral musicals.   Much of Pepper’s creative energy goes into planning creative and vibrant worship for Greystone Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC where he is Minister of Music.  Many of his anthems are born out of a need at his own church.  Pepper’s chief desire is “to create music that will lead people to worship in a dramatic way.”

Moreover, “Come Walk with Me” was “born from Choplin’s earnest desire to create truly soul-stirring music for these most sacred moments in history. His vision was realized in this remarkably fresh and dramatic setting of the Passion story in which a narrator leads us from scene to scene, retracing Christ’s path during His last days in human form. … The music supplies the drama and passion through its incredible mix of styles that range from classical to Appalachian, bluegrass, and Celtic folk idioms.”


come walk with me review for blog


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