2011 (Spring and Summer) Lillenas Choral Club Content Summary

In this edition of the Lillenas Choral Club, the church will receive:

  • Tiny Tots Tunes (sampler CD) – A faith-based music program for birth-three years old (curriculum pages are available in English and Spanish
  • Let It Be Said of Us (book and CD) -A student worship choir collection (as recorded by Puresound Worship Ministries in TX)
  • The Best of Tom Fettke for Women’s Voices (book and CD) – This collection is volume one and contains 14 songs (full stereo tracks are available)
  • The Words We Sing – Bringing Meaning to Worship (book) – Written by Nan Corbitt Allen, this free book explores 49 words and phrases found both in modern worship songs and hymns (published by Beacon Hill Press, $15.99).
  • And finally, 15 anthems with listening CD which includes full-length recordings:
  1. To the King (Travis Cottrell)
  2. All of Creation (Mercy Me)
  3. Healing is in Your Hands (Tomlin/Redman)
  4. Jesus Saves (Travis Cottrell)
  5. When Amidst the Storm I’m Shaken
  6. You Were There
  7. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
  8. Lord We Wait (Getty/Townend)
  9. Faith
  10. The Old Landmark
  11. One
  12. Celebrate Me Home
  13. Sovereign Lord
  14. Hero Coming Home (patriotic)
  15. America the Beautiful! (patriotic)

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