Top Choir Anthems from Music Florida 2011

Ever wonder what other choirs are doing?  It is always interesting to know what other choir directors are ordering.  I enjoy going to a conference and singing through new music with many talented singers and then, “sharing the wealth” of new sounds and lyrics.  So, we know what people are enjoying singing, but what are they buying for their churches?  Recently, Kempe Music held the Music Florida conference.  A report was published showing the top 20 anthems that were purchased at this event.

From the Kempke website:

Music Florida is a 4 Day Choral Music conference. You will enjoy receiving music packets and reading through the new music with great names such as Randy Vader, Jay Rouse, John Jennings, Marty Parks,
Mary McDonald, Brian Brown, Sheldon Curry, Bob Rist, Keith Christopher, and many more! Also, enjoy devotions, vendors, seminars and fellowship with other ministers.”

From this list,  Lillenas was at the top with “Jesus Saves”.  Lillenas had 9/20, Word Music had 5/20, Praise Gathering had 2/20, and LifeWay, Hope, and Alfred all had 1/20.

To see the entire list, please click HERE.


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