Important Lessons Learned

In your ministry you can grow from years of service and mistakes you make.  It is always good to learn from others (in both circumstances).  Ever need some insight on working with a Pastor or staff person?  How about just gaining some general insight to leading music?  Here are some recent blog/website posts from Vern Sanders over at Creator Magazine that can help with just that (via twitter feed).

1. “Lessons from 40+ Years as a Worship Leader

  • People Feel Strongly About What is Familiar to Them
  • Unless Everyone in the Building is the Same Every Week, There Will Never Be Complete Agreement on What is Familiar
  • Whatever Worked Wherever You Were Before Is Not a Formula For Success Wherever You Are Now
  • Whether You Like It Or Not, Someone Is Always Watching the Clock
  • Without Rehearsal, You Never Know What is Going to Happen
  • Without An Established Level of Trust, Creativity Can Be Misunderstood
  • As Creative as You Think You Are, It Is Still Not About You
  • Evolution is Better Than Revolution Unless the Situation is Desperate

2.  Lessons from 40+ Years Working with Pastors” (not Pastor bashing)

  • Some Pastors have a Clock in their Head, Most do Not
  • Pastors don’t have to be great Preachers to be great Pastors
  • Pastors often Preach about what is Bothering Them Personally
  • You can tell a lot about a Pastor by looking at their Staff’s Salaries
  • If Everything has to go across the Pastor’s Desk, the Church Won’t Grow
  • Congregations are Not Objective about Pastors in Their Role as Leaders, nor are they Objective about Pastors as People
  • A Pastor will Win Every Argument

3. Four Things You Must Never Do In Ministry(From Doug Lawrence)

  • Don’t praise or demean your own skills
  • Don’t say you’re unwilling to do something
  • Don’t fight on every bridge
  • Don’t fail to buy into the culture of your own church

Click the titles of the three reports to view the full articles on the Creator Magazine website.


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