How Do You Craft A Lyric?

Travis Doucette has updated his blog with a new post called: “The Lost Art of Lyric Crafting”.  In it, he writes:

But when you observe some of the corporate worship songs that have stood the test of time, they have a number of things in common:

a) They follow a lyrical/melodic form (typically, AAA, AABA, Verse/Chorus form).
b) They observe some pattern of rhyme/syllable scheme.
c) They articulate truths clearly.
e) They are theologically correct and accurate.
f) They give language to the singer that expresses something true to their heart and soul.
g) The lyrics are about one main idea.
h) Each section of the song flows naturally from one to the other.
i) They are ‘singable’ and pitched in a range where the average person can sing them.
j) They take timeless truths and express them in fresh, meaningful ways.

This is some great writing, which follows his trend of crafting a song in the local church series.  Read his newest post here.

Travis Doucette is an instructor at Liberty University and composer of “Defender (Call Upon the Name of the Lord)”, “God of the Ages”, “Bless the Lord”, and more.


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