Book & Music Giveaway

Jonathan Bolin over at is offering a giveaway for the following products:

  1. Your choice of any bonded leather, Truetone, or personal size edition of the ESV Study Bible
  2. Mark Driscoll’s Doctrine
  3. Bob Kauflin’s Worship Matters
  4. Rolland McCune’s Systematic Theology three volume set
  5. Page CXVI’s three Hymns CD’s
  6. Together for the Gospel Live CD

How do you register to win these products?

  1. Comment on their blog post here or subscribe to their blog via RSS (here’s a helpful tutorial).
  2. “Like” the video they made promoting my school on Facebook – to do so, you must also “like”the page it is on (my video is the seventh one down and says “Contest entry by Jon Bolin”)
  3. Send them an email (bolinpathblogATgmailDOTcom) telling them you subscribed to their blog/commented AND clicked the “like” button on their video

Here’s more about Jonathan’s blog:

“The Neglected Understood” – a reference to both Christ and His Gospel. The church has done a pretty good job at believing and acting as though believers in the church know Christ and understand His Gospel when they truly do not. If the church does not know Christ or understand His Gospel, non-Christians definitely do not. I desire to live my life and write posts in this blog correcting this misunderstanding.


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