RedTieMusic.Com is Now Live

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Travis Doucette and others at Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church have started a new website to help share the music being made at TRBC and make it accessible to other churches.  From their new website:

Red Tie Music, a division of Thomas Road Baptist Church with Pastor Jonathan Falwell, is a music company that produces, publishes and distributes Christian music and related materials throughout the United States and in many other countries.

Our commitment is to support TRBC’s mission to develop Christ followers who love God and love people. The goal of Red Tie is to fulfill the mission of TRBC by providing worship resources for the evangelical community.

• To serve the church of America and around the world with songs of faith and worship
• To bring excellence to all we do for the purpose of bringing glory to God
• To continually grow in personal and corporate integrity
• To honor and respect one another
• To honor God through stewardship of our resources

This new website has 17 worship songs.  Most songs offer the purchase option of an mp3, stereo track mp3, chord chart & vocal/piano sheet.  Other song additionally offer an orchestration, lead sheet, video demonstration, SATB, story behind the song, and choral anthem.

Check out the NEW website here!


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