LifeWay Worship & March Madness?

(photo taken from

Recently, LifeWay Worship conducted a poll from their Twitter/blog/Facebook outlets to have folks vote for their favorite worship song.  They complied the list and here are the “Sweet 16” songs that are being voted on in a NCAA tournament-like bracket.  Those who vote get a free download to  Visit the original link here.

  • 1. In Christ Alone
  • 2. There is No Sin That I Have Done
  • 3. I’d Need A Savior
  • 4. Revelation Song
  • 5. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
  • 6. Our God
  • 7. How Great is Our God
  • 8. Mighty to Save
  • 9. Amazing Grace
  • 10. It is Well with My Soul
  • 11. Everlasting God
  • 12. How Great Thou Art
  • 13. I Will Follow
  • 14. Blessed Assurance
  • 15. Glorious Day
  • 16. How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

I love how uses things like this to promote their site.  It shows us a couple of things.  One, people like what they like.  We always want to voice our opinions.  Two, this shows us the brief, yet current pulse of what is being purchased/sung in churches today.  The vote didn’t last too long, so I doubt every music minister in the nation voted, so the vote is what it is.  Finally, based on this pulse, Keith Getty has the #1 song.  From the somewhat “blended” results, the modern hymn has bridged the gap between those who label their worship as either “traditional” or “contemporary”.  From the CCLI top 25 list over the past few years, “In Christ Alone” has quietly gone up the charts.  I predict, over the next five years, it will be a top-five song.  It is currently #11 from the February 2011 edition.


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