Free Materials from GettyMusic.Com

Thanks to GettyMusic.Com (the online home for Keith and Kristyn Getty) you can download an mp3 and lead sheet for FREE of three of their modern hymns.  See the titles below (highlighted text is from

Behold the Lamb (The Communion Hymn)

The “Communion Hymn” is a song we wrote for congregations to use during communion. The opening verse prepares us for what is to come, while the following two verses focus on the bread and the wine. The final verse is meant to be used during the time of response at the closing of a service.

The Power of the Cross (Oh to See the Dawn)

When Stuart Townend and I wrote “The Power of the Cross”, we wanted the song to be a narrative journey that leads believers “on the road to Calvary.” The hymn is essentially about the suffering of Christ. Through use of visual imagery, it asks us to consider some of the horrors the Lord endured on our behalf.

Come, People of the Risen King

“Come People of the Risen King” is a call to worship, intended to unite our hearts in praise of the One who saved us and who invites us to come and rejoice in him.

All of these songs could be used in your church as we approach Easter and then beyond!  I am thankful for the composers/artists who make this free material available.  This benefits the local, rural church which doesn’t always have an elaborate music budget.

Like in the campmeeting days of old, these modern hymns are spreading throughout congregations across the world…this time, it’s through free avenues like this special offer.  Share this link with your friends and use some of this music in an upcoming service.  Piano solo, youth choir, children’s choir, adult choir, praise band, congregation…the possibilities could go on and on.

Don’t miss out as Biblically-supported text is married with strong music.  Visit the download link here.


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