“The Three R’s: Why Christians Sing” from Bob Kauflin & the Desiring God Website

Christians sing together during corporate worship gatherings. Colossians 3:16-17 helps us understand why. Paul tells us that worshiping God together in song is meant to deepen the relationships we enjoy through the gospel. This happens in three ways (or three R’s):

1. Singing helps us remember God’s Word.

2. Singing helps us respond to God’s grace.

3. Singing helps us reflect God’s glory.

Worshiping God in song isn’t simply a nice idea or only for musically gifted people. The question is not, “Has God given me a voice?” but “Has God given me a song?”

If you trust in the finished work of Christ, the answer is clear: Yes!

This is a solid article that is worth the time to read!  Moreover, if you ever have an opportunity to share a mid-week devotional or message in worship, this would be a GREAT outline to study and elaborate off of.  Recently, LifeWay’s Mike Harland wrote an article about why “They (congregations) Are Not Singing Anymore“.  So, two good article to read and compare, but this is great stuff from Desiring God, a ministry of John Piper.

The author, Bob Kauflin is a pastor, songwriter, worship leader, and author of Worship Matters.  Bob serves as the Director of Worship Development for Sovereign Grace Ministries and blogs at www.worshipmatters.com.

See the entire article here.  A video version from the author is found here from the 2008 Desiring God National Conference with John Piper.


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