March Recap

March was a great month for ChurchMusicToday.Net! First of all, we welcomed Zach Rice as a regular contributor to the site.  I appreciate Zach’s servant’s heart and insight into the world of church music and worship.

Next, we had the most views on the site ever in one month!  In March, we had 2927 total views, totaling 94.4 daily views in March!!!!!  Our high was 216 and our low was 43.  Together, Zach and I posted 15 entires to the site (one was a special guest post from Travis Doucette, composer of “God of the Ages”).  God is doing some great things.  On April 1, we had our highest day ever for total views at over 300 (no April fool’s joke, here)!  I believe the total views we have are GREAT for a blog aimed at part-time and volunteer music leaders.  To God be the glory!

Here are some links to each article posted in March.  As always, all of our posts are available at the “archives” page, here.

February Recap

ChurchMusicToday Announcement

A Song that will Last

Who Wrote that Song?

The Seasonal Choir (On a Budget)

LifeWay Worship and March Madness?

10 Things I Learned as A Choir Director

Free Materials from

Lessons Learned on the Road of Ministry

Ministry “Killers” from Charles Stone

Reflections on 25 Years of Ministry

CD Review: Passion “Here for You”

Upcoming CD Review: Sovreign Grace “Risen”

Guest Blog Post from Travis Doucette

The 3 R’s: Why Christians Sing


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