FAVE FIVE: Keith Getty Edition

Recently, ChurchMusicToday contributor, Zach Rice, began a series called “Fave Five” to share five favorite songs from different church music composers.

Over the next few months, we will be looking at what we perceive as the top 5 songs from various worship leaders and song-writers.  These are my personal picks, so feel free to comment below if you think we’ve omitted a song that is worthy of inclusion in the list.

We continue our FAVE FIVE’S series by looking at the songs of Keith Getty.  Keith Getty (along with his wife, Kristyn and friend, Stuart Townend) has written some of the greatest modern hymns over the past ten years together.  Currently, their popular hymn “In Christ Alone” is number 11 on the CCLI top 25 list.  (For a full bio from a previous post on modern worship music click here.)

Here are our top 5 Keith Getty songs for use in corporate worship:

5. Behold the Lamb (The Communion Hymn) – This is a powerful NEW communion song.  A unique way to perform this is to sing the first verse prior to communion.  Sing verse two with the bread, verse three with the cup, and finally verse four at the conclusion on the Lord’s Supper.  Watch a video and get more info here.

4. My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness – This song is a personal favorite of mine.   It was sung at my Gospel Ordination and the line “for every breath I have on earth is given by the King, so I will give my life, my all, to love and follow Him” is my testimony.  This isn’t a typical “Thanksgiving season” song…it should be sung year-round!  Watch a video and get more info here.

3. Speak, O Lord – This modern song is a reverent hymn which sets the tone for worship with no introduction needed.  The lyrics are stirring, yet challenging: “Test our thoughts and our attitudes in the radiance of Your purity.”  Watch a video and get more info here.

From GettyMusic.com “It is our prayer that through the power of the spirit, this hymn will prepare people to humbly listen to the Bible being taught and respond to the huge consequences it has on their lives.  After ‘In Christ Alone’ and ‘The Power of the Cross’ this is the most requested Getty/Townend hymn on our website. It is used both to introduce the sermon and to introduce a service. We used it both before and after a sermon when we were with Anne Graham Lotz as a way of affirming the message. It also works well as a choral and solo piece.”

2. The Power of the Cross (Oh to See the Dawn) – The “Power of the Cross” is one of the most “power-ful” songs I have ever sung.  As a vocal solo, choral work or instrumental, this hymn is amazing.  The music is dramatic, the lyrics are astounding and the overall tone of this song makes it one of the best hymns ever written.  Watch the video and get more info here.

1. In Christ Alone – If you have never heard this song, watch this video…purchase the music…and sing it at church this Easter season.  So many folks have sung arrangements of this hymn, and each one displayes the Biblically-founded text and powerful music that make a Getty song special.  Watch the video here.  Get the story behind the song here.

This is only my opinion…what songs do you like better?  Comment and let us know!

Get more info and purchase music from http://GettyMusic.com.

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