Mid-Month Update

It’s been a great month so far…we are averaging 167 views a day in April and had our highest view day ever (thanks to this post) on the site on April 1 with 341 total views for the day (no foolin’).

We are approaching 10,000 views (hopefully by the end of this month)! 10,000 views is a great milestone for a newer blog based for part-time music leaders in the church.

It would be great if you could help us by:

1) Subscribe to this site by e-mail (see link on the top right hand side of this page).

2) E-mail/tweet/Facebook this website to a friend (worship leader, choir member, musician, pastor, etc.). Remember, we target part-time and volunteer music leaders.

3) Leave comments on our articles. Give us your feedback, agree/disagree/say we’re crazy, it’s all a good thing! As long as it’s not spam, it will be posted.

4) Comment on this page with an idea for an article, or send us a question we could help you research. We want this site to be applicable to the reader, so your opinion counts…let it be heard.

5) Follow Zach and myself on twitter,  “like” Church Music Today on Facebook or send us an e-mail (churchmusictoday [at] hotmail [dot] com).

We have our first video interview with No Other Name and some great guest bloggers coming soon from: John Cashion on selecting the right song for your choir, Chris Dortch on dealing with and handling conflict in the ministry, plus a few others!

So, thanks for visiting the site, leaving comments, and supporting this blog!

ChurchMusicToday.Net is a blog specifically built for part-time and volunteer music leaders in the local church.  Dennis C. Cook is the Senior Editor.  Follow Dennis on twitter here.  Zach Rice is a Senior Contributor.  Follow Zach on twitter here.  “Like” ChurchMusicToday.Net on Facebook here.


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