New Song Spotlight

In a new series, ChurchMusicToday will be bringing you a “new song spotlight”.  This new blog series will feature a new worship song that you may want to use with your congregation, choir, youth choir, praise team or just a part of your personal time of worship.

This week, we are introducing “Savior” by Todd Rukes with Red Tie Music.  Here is some background on the song from Red tie Music’s website:

In October 2010, Todd, as a member of the band Exodus, had the opportunity to record a LIVE album. While preparing for the recording, the team felt led to have the project theme be “Salvation.” As Todd studied Scripture and began praying about songs to write, the word “Savior” stood out in his mind. Todd says, “Through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are now offered salvation through Christ’s mercy and grace. He has redeemed us from death and depravity, which is a result of our sin. He is our Savior.”

It was this train of thought that prompted Todd to write “Savior.” During the writing process, the Lord laid different passages of Scripture on Todd’s heart, which he used throughout the verses of the song to talk about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. The chorus is then a response to God, and says, “I give my life to declare You are King…” When people sing this song, Todd hopes that it clearly communicates that Jesus Christ is the only source of salvation and deserves recognition as our Redeemer, Deliverer and Savior.

Watch the song sung with the Thomas Road Baptist Church music ministry:

Get more story behind the song:

From the Red Tie Music website, you can purchase an mp3, chord chart, lead sheet, rhythm sheet, and piano/vocal (in two keys).  Visit their site here.

Red Tie Music, a division of Thomas Road Baptist Church with Pastor Jonathan Falwell, is a music company that produces, publishes and distributes Christian music and related materials throughout the United States and in many other countries.


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