New GettyMusic.Com “1 + 1”

Starting in January, Keith and Kristyn Getty began a “1 + 1” series where they will post videos about one new song and one seasoned song from their repertoire.  See our previous posts here and here.

This month, Keith shares about two new hymns written by the Gettys and Stuart Townend.  Both songs were introduced live at the Gospel Coalition conference in April, 2011.

The first hymn is called, “Perfect Wisdom”.  This is a hymn about wisdom (for use before the sermon).  More specifically, Keith states the song is  “about God’s wisdom”.  This hymn is BEAUTIFUL and COMPELLING.  It’s powerful chord progressions and Biblically-founded lyrics make a great package.

The second song is called, “Simple Living”.  This has a “money” theme and tells the story of the rich, young, ruler.  It has been in the works since 2008, and has come to life in 2011.  It speaks of money, wealth, and a vision of perspective of anything that can be an idol to us.

The Getty/Townend combo has yet again hit the mark with writing songs for the local church (traditional and modern congregations) where there is really no other song to fit that need.  For example, “The Communion Hymn” and now “Simple Living” define the ordinance of communion and the theme of money where in previous circumstances, the music leader didn’t have many thematic songs to choose from.

To see video click the titles of Perfect Wisdom and Simple Living.

More info on Perfect Wisdom and Simple Living.


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