CD Review: Mark Mudd, “Just Because of You”

In 2000-2001 and again in 2005-2006 I had the privilege to sing with the Crossmen Quartet out of Morgantown, KY.  This male southern gospel quartet has sung on the Grand Ole Opry, the Singing at Sea cruise, National Quartet Convention main stage and thousands upon thousands of concerts around the nation.

When I sang in 2005-2006 I was singing in the place of the lead singer, Boyce Flener, who had to have vocal surgery.  During this time, I met Mark Mudd, bass singer for the quartet.  Mark is a kind, fun-loving man who love God and his family.  Moreover, Mark is a talented singer, not just a talented bass singer.

Just last month, Mark paired with former Crossmen/Perfect Heart member Darren Doyle to produce Mark’s first solo project, “Just Because of You”.

Mark states:

“Last year my dad was so ill that we almost lost him a few times throughout the 3-month ordeal, but the Lord spared his life. His close call compelled me to attempt a solo project.  You see, it is to Dad I owe much of my exposure to Gospel Music.”

Mark sang with his father’s quartet, the Veterans Quartet for 17 years.  Now, he’s been with the Crossmen for over 10 years.  Join me in a brief look at the songs on his first project available at MarkMudd.Com.

1) The Sweetest Song I Know – (Albert Brumley) Nice opening number showing his strong lead voice and low range.

2) How Big is God – (Stuart Hamblen) Mark offers a great song with this selection.  This is a different arrangement from the one on the last Crossmen Quartet recording.

3) Led Out of Bondage – (A’Spaller) Here’s a barn-burner!  This lightening-quick song is a fun tune that Mark does a great job on!

4) Judgement Day – (Tim Durall) This song is a great song that features Mark’s “lead” vocal characteristic.  It isn’t bass “heavy” and showcases a great melody that is fit perfectly for Mark’s voice.

5) Lonesome Road – (JD Sumner)  This songs give that 50’s flare of a low, low, bass melody with the back-up trio.  Since this is a JD Sumner song, you expect it to be low, but it is!  But, Mark covers a lot of range here!  This is a great arrangement that shows Mark’s low range!

6) Paid in Full – (Rodney Griffin) The lead man of Greater Vision, Rodney Griffin, does it again with a powerful up-tempo piece that Greater Vision also previously released.  I really like this selection on the CD.  There’s not another song like it on the CD and Mark does a nice job communicating the lyrics!

7) Just Because of You – (Rowan/Gaither) This is my favorite song on the album.  You can hear Mark’s testimony through the lyrics of this song.

8 ) I’ll Live in Glory – (Curtis Hyler) Here’s a great quartet song!  Mark does a good job with the melody and I also like the arrangement!

9) Nothing Can Compare – (Mosie Lister) This slower song give a nice change on the recording.  This song’s lyrics speak of longing for heaven.  I like Mark’s vocal on this one, but the background vocals are really nice, too!

10) This Man Jesus – (Mudd) This song is written by Mark.  Mark says:

This Man Jesus was written in 1996. I had never written a song before but the Lord impressed this one upon me. I was driving down the interstate one day while working for the State of KY and the words “the cross upon his back, held the sins of mankind, this man Jesus, one day became mine” just kept going over and over in my head. I pulled over at a truckstop and wrote the first verse and chorus. It was a few days later that the second verse came to me. The quartet I sang with at the time was a regional group called the Veterans Quartet. They were managed by my Dad. We were getting ready to record a major label project and I convinced him to include this song on the record. A little while after we recorded the song, it was released nationally to Gospel Radio. The song did extremely well and charted in the Singing News Magazine’s Top 80 for 6 straight months. The success of this song was instrumental in contributing to the group’s 10 consecutive Top 80 songs. Nearly every time I’ve sung this song in concert, I’ve seen someone blessed. The song is simplistic in nature, but is one that everyone can sing along with. The message really seems to get through that even though the weight of the sins of the world were on the cross, the cross was on Jesus’ back! He was carrying the cross. I’ve often said that the Lord gave me the words to this song, and the State of KY paid me to write them down!!

11) Skies/Rocked Medley – (Presley/Wright/arr. Doyle) This fun quartet-style song starts out slow but quickly speeds up into a great bass-singer medley.  You’ll love it!

Mark Mudd is a great singer, talented musician, family man, and all-around great person.  But most importantly, he is a fine Christian person.  Mark and his family love the Lord.  If you are able to be around him for a certain length of time, you will be blessed by his caring spirit and kind heart.

If you are looking to have a concert at your church soon, I would urge you to contact Mark at his website here.  Also, you can download the entire album on iTunes here.  Finally, here is the link of the recording studio Mark used on this project.


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