New 1+1 from Keith Getty & Getty Music

The month of May brings us yet another 1+1 from Getty Music.  These are short video snippets of new song stories and old song stories from their musical writings.

This month, Keith introduces the following songs:

O For A Closer Walk with God

This is Keith’s “take on the William Cowper hymn. Learn more about this powerful lyric and the beautiful melody that accompanies it.”  This was written in 2001 and it has an irregular meter.  See the video for this song here.

Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God

In this song, written in 2005, “The three verses invite the Holy Spirit into our lives today.”  This is a song of devotional response or prayer.  The first verse is a prayer to spurt works outward , the second verse inward and then a prayer for the world in verse three.  This music is inspired by the Bach Chorales.  Bach wrote thematically from the liturgical calendar and this inspires Keith.  See the video for this song here.


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