New Articles from the Leadership Journal with a Worship Emphasis

Leadership Journal is a quarterly publication primarily targeting senior or preaching pastors, but I have always found many helpful articles for ministers of all stripes.   (And those of you familiar with the magazine know they have great cartoons!).

The recent spring 2011 issue has particular relevance to worship leaders—the theme is “Tool or Trap—the role of entertainment in spiritual growth”.   Articles include an interview with Chuck Swindoll regarding his recent book “The Church Awakening: An Urgent Call for Renewal”.   The article is entitled “The Problem with Pizazz” with the subtitle “Has entertainment replaced Scripture as the center of our worship?”   Both the interview and the book challenge some prevailing trends in worship, and give the worship leader and pastor some significant questions to chew on.

Other articles in the issue address the ongoing tensions that exist for both preachers and worship leaders in crafting experiences that hold people’s interest without feeding the consumer mentality that threatens true discipleship.

The Swindoll interview is available online here.   For the other stuff you’ll need to subscribe, borrow a friend’s copy, or wait until some of them show up on the archives.

Until then…what are your thoughts?  Do you agree?…Disagree?  Is the local church’s worship service entertainment driven?  Do you spend more on media than discipleship?  Are we becoming more “worldly” in worship instead of Christ-like?  Comment and let us know.


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