10 Simple Things Good Pastors Say – from Gospel-Driven Church Blog

Jared over at the Gospel-Driven Church blog has written a nice article called “10 Simple Things Good Pastors Say.”  It’s simple.  It’s profound. It’s short. It’s true.

Experiencing good and bad pastors along my roads of ministry, I can tell you these ten phrases are indeed things a good pastor will say. Not just a pastor, but every church minister, support staff, or member should put these into practice.  Check out his list of ten and then click here to see his description of each point.

1. Please forgive me.
2. You’re right.
3. You’re wrong.
4. Jesus loves you.
5. I love you.
6. Me too.
7. Any time.
8. Thank you.
9. Grace is true.
10. You’re approved.

I’d like to encourage you (also speaking to myself) to put these phrases into practice beginning today and see how it changes your ministry…for the better.


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