A Couple Helpful Tips

While Dennis is enjoying the Florida sun this week, he asked me to share about where I get most of my information and resources for ministry. Here a few tips that I hope are helpful. Nothing too profound here…but maybe something you haven’t thought of or a site you may not have used.

1. Friends
When it comes to new songs and overall ministry ideas, I depend a lot on word of mouth. This usually comes from having close friends in ministry, as well as people I follow on social media. The personal friendships I have are invaluable as they push me to be a better Christian, husband, father, and minister. Even if you are naturally introverted, you need the sharpening effect of others. Proverbs 27:17 says “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Ministry will not allow you to stay introverted. You will be swallowed up unless you decide you need relationships and people.

2. Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, & Youtube are great ministry tools in the day in which we live. One of the first times that Dennis and I communicated post college was when he had posted a song on Facebook. You never know what God will do with ministry relationships? I now use Twitter quite regularly and it helps me greatly with ministry ideas, free stuff, etc. I follow nearly anyone I think I can get ideas from. Most choral, music, and worship companies use social media. Twitter is my preferred social media.

3. Websites / Blogs
Here are the websites / blogs / resources I regularly check. www.worshipmatters.com (Bob Kauflin’s blog), www.worshipideas.com (Don Chapman), www.ccli.com (Song Select – My Best Friend in Ministry!!), www.churchmusictoday.net (did I just make a shameless plug?), www.leadworship.com (Paul Baloche’s site, lots of helpful resources), www.shanegarrison.org (college professor and ministry guru), www.allprosound.com (good tech site – they give church discounts), www.musiciansfriend.com (tech, they match prices), www.twitter.com (sign-up today, can be a helpful tool for ministry!), www.facebook.com (plusses and minuses, but allows for increased communication w/ those you serve and friends in ministry).


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