New Song Spotlight: Hail the Day

On April 1st, we did a review of Sovereign Grace’s new album entitled Risen.  (Here is a link to the full review.)  I am finally getting around to trying one of these new songs in worship this week at our church.  Be encouraged part-time leaders, even  full-time worship leaders don’t get around to doing new songs as soon as we’d like either!  The first song I am going to try is “Hail the Day,” the final cut on the album.  I really, really like this song.  The more I listen to it, the more I am impressed by the lyrics, and the more I believe it is the best pure “worship” song on the CD.  It lends itself to passionate singing and I can even hear the congregation raising their voices in unison as they sing the last refrain a capella.  Here is our original review of the song “Hail the Day.”

13.  Hail the Day: In the words of Dennis Cook, “Brother, we need to emphasize to them (those who visit the site) to use this song this Easter!  We will do it here soon!” Hail the Day is definitely the most-versatile song on the CD.  I can see it being used in traditional, blended, and contemporary church settings.  It reminds me a lot of something we would hear from Getty / Townend.  I’d like to see this also appear in an Easter musical.  What a great way to cap off this tremendous project!  (5 stars)

Full Recording with lyrics…

Training Video…


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