Getty Music Releases First DVD – “Keith and Kristyn Getty Live”

According to their website, the Gettys have released a new limited-edition DVD for 2011.  This is their first DVD release.  Here is their description from their website:

For the first time, see a live recording of Keith, Kristyn and the band with the new DVD – Keith and Kristyn Getty LIVE: Limited Edition. This concert DVD, filmed in San Diego, California, features eight of your favorite hymns sung by Kristyn and played by Keith and the band, including “See What a Morning,” “Power of the Cross,” and the all-time favorite “In Christ Alone”.
There is also a first LIVE performance of “Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God” featuring Deborah Klemme on the violin playing “Gabriel’s Oboe” from The Mission. Additional bonus features include Keith and Kristyn’s first ever music video of the hymn “Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer” and an energetic performance of Hear all Creation featuring the traditional Irish folk tune “Toss the Feathers.”
The DVD is $14.99 and has 10 tracks on it.  Check out the preview below also from their website:

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