Sunday Setlist 7/31 – HBC

July 31, 2011 – Hawesville Baptist Church

Opening Song – You Never Let Go

Children’s Time

Song of Faith – Speak O, Lord

Scripture Reading

Choir Anthem – Walk Worthy

Offertory – Overcome

Message – “Focused Faith in Fearful Times” (Habakkuk 3)

This is the last sermon series for us in Habakkuk.  Over the past three weeks, Bro. Mark has shared form each chapter of Habakkuk and they have been amazing messages.  The sermon series title is “Finding God in the Tough Times”.  Our music has been a bit abbreviated as the messages have been  longer than usual from Bro. Mark.

This week, we sang “You Never Let Go” by Matt and Beth Redman as a proclamation of faith that in no matter what situation we face, God is there and He will lead is through our trials.

Next, we sang “Speak O, Lord” by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend.  This song cries for the listener to be still and experience the voice/presence of God in worship.  Like Habakkuk, we need God to “test our thoughts and our attitudes” in life and in worship.  This powerful modern hymn is amazing.

Next, the choir sang “Walk Worthy” from Joseph Martin.  Psalm 1 and other passages are used in this anthem, but it challenges us to “Walk Worthy” during our trials and tribulations: this process would take on the attitude of James to consider it a joy to face trials.

Finally, Bro. Matt and the Praise Band led “Overcome” by Jeremy Camp for the offertory.  This song has a wonderful theme of redemption through the cross.  “Savior, worthy of honor and glory, worthy of all our praise, for You overcame.  Jesus, awesome in power, forever, awesome and great is Your Name, for You overcame.”


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