Sunday Setlist (8/7) – IBC

August 7, 2011 – Immanuel Baptist Church

This coming week, my pastor (Dr. Harold Best) is preaching a sermon about the justice and severity of hell from the parable of the wicked tenants in Luke 20:9-18.  Last week, he finished an extensive series from the book of Joel dealing with solemn assembly and restoration.  Dr. Best (not the worship author…although he does go along with it sometimes:) is starting a new verse by verse series on the book of Nehemiah on the August 21st.  However, even when you are not in a specific series, you can be thematic in your worship planning!    When talking about the justice and severity of hell, thematic planning is easy.  Give your people the GOSPEL!  That is what we are doing this coming week.

Opening Song – You Are the Way (Sovereign Grace Music)

A song communicating the exclusivity of the Gospel.  Jesus is the only way! (John 14:6).  Also, we are dead in our trespasses and sins, without God, without hope in this world.  We cannot get to heaven on our own merit or strength.  It is only the glorious light of the Gospel that opens our eyes and makes us see! 

Welcome / Announcements / Greeting Time

Praise & Worship –

Scripture Reading – 1 Peter 2:4-11


Solo – I Go To The Rock  I don’t always use special music but I think this classic will reaffirm the passage “stone that the builders rejected has become the Cornerstone.”

Message – “The Justice of Hell” (Luke 20:9-18)

Time of Commitment – Have You Been to Calvary?  A simple Gospel hymn calling sinners to come to the cross for salvation.  

I’m looking forward to trying “You Alone Can Rescue” this week.  I’ve liked this song for a while now, just not had the right opportunity to use it.  Also, excited about our band playing this week.  I gave them a week off last week for the first time in a really long time.  Tell your band / instrumentalist you are thankful for them in private and in public.  They serve faithfully 52 weeks a year with little to no recognition.  Make sure they know what a blessing they are to you and the church!


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