When It’s All Said and Done: The End of Our Ministry

Recently, my home church Youth Pastor, Doug King, resigned after twenty-five years of service.  We wrote a retrospective of that service here and Doug actually wrote a guest blogpost for us here.

It saddens my heart to see Doug go.  After twenty-five years in one church, he and his wife are moving on to the next stage in their lives and on to where God is calling them.  Doug suffered through six long, grueling years with me as a youth.  But in those times, he, along with Glenn and John, helped me understand my calling into the Gospel ministry.  Now, our relationship has added a new chapter of co-workers.  We are co-workers for Christ and it is no longer a student – teacher atmosphere…we are both students under the Master Teacher.

His resignation got me thinking…when it is the end of our ministry at our current church, what should they “get” from us before we go?

Here is a brief list of things in my small mind, in hopes that you can offer some other suggestions:

1) Be a Biblical Man of God – Outlined for us in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

2) Equip them with the Word – That is our main priority as a minister in the church.

3) Lead Them to Lead – In Acts we are to “be overseers”.

4) Be Who You are Called to Be – The worst thing we can do is attempt to be the previous minister or lead based off of preference versus purpose.  Lead as the Holy Spirit leads you.

5) Don’t Stay Because It Is Comfortable – Be careful not to stay in one spot because it is convenient.  But, on the other hand, we should grow where we are planted, until God calls us on.

6) De-Emphasize Numbers – Do your best to turn your attention to people goals, rather than numerical goals.  Moreover, sucess shouldn’t be placed on 100 youth on Wednesday or 100 in the choir loft.  Ministry success should be seen as Kingdom changes in people and fulfilling the Great Commission.

7) Love the People Even When They Don’t Love You Back – In the ministry you serve with people.  Those people have many different personalities.  Just as Christ does, let us strive to love those who do not love us, those who talk about us, complain (behind our backs and to our faces), and do not support our ministry.  “Faith, hope, and love…the greatest of these is love…”

What say you?  What should we add to this list?

When it’s all said and done and our ministry at our current church ends, what do you pray your church sees in you when you leave?


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