Sunday Setlist 8/14 – HBC

Sunday Setlist for August 14 for Hawesville Baptsit Church

Opening Song – God of the Ages

Welcome & Fellowship – This is How We Know

Scripture Reading & Time of Prayer                                         

Children’s Message                                                                                

Song of Praise – Christ is Able

Offering Prayer & Offering 

Choir Anthem – Church Without Walls

Message “A Joy-Filled Heart” (Philippians 1:1-6)

Song of Response – Mighty to Save

This past Sunday was a special day for the HBC family as we had a day set aside to celebrate our Pastor’s five year anniversary.  A committee worked since March to plan a celebration worthy of a senior pastor’s five year anniversary.  We surprised him with a guest speaker, and several gifts for he and his family.

The awesome thing is that Bro. Mark was beginning a sermon series in Philippians that day and our guest speaker also selected Philippians 1 to preach from. 

We selected songs that are filled with the gospel such as:

God of the Ages (Colossians 1) – The was our opener and a great way to begin!  “We bless You, Lord, God of the Ages highest of all, we magnify You.  Your name will be exalted.”

This is How We Know (I John 2:5) – This song is one of our Pastor’s favorite songs which exemplifies John 3:16.  “For You so loved the world that You gave Your only Son, love amazing so divine, we will love You in return.”

Christ is Able – This is a newly-learned HBC song that our congregation really sings well.  This is a redtie music song that you can also find on LifeWay’s site.  “He is able, Christ is able, still to save. Come Ye sinners, poor and needy sing to Him our songs of praise.”

Church Without Walls – This choir anthem comes from Pepper Choplin and it is perfect for building dedications and/or anniversaries.  “Make us a church without walls, open to all, sharing holy love with all the world.  And forgive us when we hide and hold our love inside.  O Lord, we hear the call to be a church without walls!”



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