Sunday Setlist – IBC 8.14.11

This past Sunday, we were privileged to have Tanner Royalty lead worship for us.  He is a sophomore at Campbellsville University and is a member of our church praise team.  He has his own “scream-o” band called “Faith In the Unseen” and often leads worship at BCM.  Yes, I said “scream-o.”  Tanner is a great guy, loves the Lord, and I am very thankful for his faithfulness and servant’s heart.  I am very blessed to have several capable individuals to lead worship in my stead at IBC.

I was at WorshipGod ’11 this weekend so it worked out well for him to lead, even though I didn’t think about that before I left.  I feel that part of my calling is to provide opportunities for those who may be involved in leading worship / music ministry in the future to grow and gain experience.  I don’t do this all the time but do feel it is important from time to time.  When I started leading worship part-time in 1999, I had very little experience and had to learn a lot on the fly.  I am thankful for those churches allowing me to make mistakes and learn from.  They were very gracious and forgiving of my inadequacies!  Tanner has led our youth band in the past and did a great job leading our praise team this week.  The church didn’t miss a beat without me leading.  I find that very fulfilling and encouraging as a worship pastor.  I also learned a lot of what my wife goes through on a regular basis as I was in charge of my two and a half year old.  I spent the entire sermon in the “cry room.”  Fellas – thank your wives for what they do to allow you to fulfill your calling every week.  If you are like me, you don’t do this enough!

Here are the songs for Immanuel Baptist Church – August 14th, 2011 -It was not a thematic week, more praise & gospel.

Opening Song – Our God (Chris Tomlin)

Welcome / Announcements / Fellowship

Praise & Worship

You Alone Can Rescue (Matt Redman) – Our song of the month for August.  Good way to learn new songs with congregation.

Nothing but the Blood (traditional) – Tanner & band spiced up the arrangement.


Solo – Awakening (Chris Tomlin from Passion “Here for You”) – praise team led by Tanner

Message – Nehemiah 1:1-11 “Reality before Renewal”

Time of Commitment – Revelation Song (Jenny Lee Riddle)


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