What Are You Doing? – Leave A Comment…

I’m trying something a bit different on the blog…  I am wanting some feedback on the articles we are writing, so I’m giving you a change to directly comment on something practical.

“What are you doing?” is a new series where we’ll ask a question in hopes to share a response with others and learn from each other!

Today’s question is: What are you listening to in your personal worship time?  Are you listening to the latest classical releases?…Matt Redman’s newest recording?…VeggieTales?!?!

Leave us a comment to tell us what you are currently listening to for your personal worship time and WHY!

Click “LEAVE A COMMENT” and let us know!


7 thoughts on “What Are You Doing? – Leave A Comment…

  1. In my personal worship time I am listening to Sara Groves and Jason Gray. Her songwriting blows me away, and Jason has a unique way of getting beneath the shiny veneer of CCM to convey an authentic Christian message in song.
    I’m also listening to gospel recording artist, William McDowell. His performance touches me and stretches me musically as I seek to find artists that will help blend in more gospel music to connect with our diverse congregation.

  2. Sean, thanks for the comment!!

    I am listening to Matt Redman (specifically the new 10,000 Reasons release). I am challened by his writings…I love the way he asks questions in his lyrics. This music is carrying over into our congregational music as well…all ages singing “Never Once” is a blessing to hear.

  3. I usually listen to Chris Tomlin for those days when I’ve deprived God of the worship he deserves. #everyday and around 1pm when I’m sleepy in the office I listen to Mercy Me’s Move!!!

  4. I’m stuck on Casting Crowns “Until The Whole World Hears”. We’re currently looking for a pastor and I’m spending a lot of time in prayer for that and for the man God has in store for us. the songs on there remind me daily that it’s for the furthering of His gospel and not our own personal interest that we serve Him.
    I’ve been instructed by several people to buy the new Redman cd, I’ve heard a lot of good things, so that will be my next buy.

  5. I’ve been listening to a lot of different music via spotify.com. I echo Reverend Dr. Cook’s sentiments…really liking some Matt Redman right now. My worship team used to call me Bob because I always talked about Bob Kauflin. I think they may be switching that to Matt. I’m actually a little behind. Really like “How Great Is Your Faithfulness” & “You Alone Can Rescue” from his previous release. I’m wearing out “You Alone Can Rescue” – probably led it 7-8 times in the last month (between morning services and Wednesday youth).

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