What Are You Doing? – Leave A Comment…

First off, I am thankful for over 35,000 views at the site in just over 52 weeks of service.  I pray what we are sharing is encouraging and helpful to you as a part-time/volunteer music leader.  I know it is helping me in my walk, and ministry, so I pray it is a help to you as well.

This week, I’d like to ask that you leave a comment on what you are currently reading AND what is stacked up on your desk in the “to read later” pile…

We’ve recently asked “what are you doing for Christmas” and “what are you currently listening to” in our “What Are You Doing” series.

I think it is great to share what others across the states are doing and network with other leaders…so here’s your chance…leave a comment and let us know what you are reading currently…AND what is on your “to read” list.  Scroll to the bottom and leave a reply.


2 thoughts on “What Are You Doing? – Leave A Comment…

  1. I am currently reading “The Disciplines of Grace: Our Role and God’s Role in the Pursuit of Holiness” by Jerry Bridges. I am also reading “What is the Gospel?” by Greg Gilbert. Among all of the other half completed books in my library 🙂

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