Sunday Setlist – HBC 10/2/11

Ordinance of Baptism – MY DAUGHTER!! (Gracie, ages 8)

Welcome and Fellowship

“Holy is the Lord” paired with “Holy, Holy, Holy”

Children’s Message

“God of the Ages”

Time of Giving (offertory – piano solo)

Worship In Song – “I Will Glory in My Redeemer” by the Sanctuary Choir

Scripture Reading and Time of Prayer

Message in Music – “All to Us” by the Praise Band

Message – “Seeing the End from the Beginning” (Numbers 13)

Song of Response – Be Thou My Vision (Will You Guide Me)

Closing Announcements and Prayer


This past Sunday, our Pastor brought the annual “State of the Church” address. Our church year begins October 1, so this Sunday was a perfect time to unify our vision, address issues, and praise God for where He’s brought us over the past year.

I typically like to start with an up-tempo selection of praise. Tis day, I chose to pair up to standards in church music: “Holy is the Lord” by Chris Tomlin and the hymn-standard, “Holy, Holy, Holy”. This began our worship (after the baptism) with a shout of praise thanking God for His holiness and guidance in our lives.

Next, we sang “God of the Ages” by Travis Doucette. Since our Pastor was bringing a visionary message I focused on the lyric, “He is Creator, ruling Sustainer of all, He holds it all together…” from this amazing song.

The praise band shared “All to Us” by Chris Tomlin. When looking at Christ’s vision in our lives and church, we need to learn upon our “Precious Cornerstone, sure Foundation” that Chris writes about in this song. Then, we as the singers proclaimed “we believe You’re all to us…” which is a powerful statement to make. Our prayer is that His vision becomes our vision. He is all to us, so His vision is the only vision we need.

Finally, the congregational response to the message was the Thomas Road Baptist Church arrangement of “Be Thou My Vision (Will You Guide Me)”. This has the verses pf the song with an added chorus: “Will You guide me, when I can’t see. Please Lord lead me, You’re all that I need.”


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