KBC WEEK: All-State Children’s Choir

This week at Church Music Today, we will highlight some of the opportunities that churches in Kentucky have to participate in the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s music and worship department ministries.  We will highlight the All-State Children’s Choir, All-State Youth Choir/Instrumental Ensemble, Men’s & Women’s Chorale, and the State Music Conference.

Today, we will look at the All-State Children’s Choir from the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

From their website:

The Kentucky Baptist All-State Children’s Choir is an auditioned choir made up of young musicians from Baptist churches throughout Kentucky. Members are chosen by audition and, once selected, may continue to participate through sixth grade. The choir meets together for one weekend in late April. Members receive music several weeks ahead of the rehearsal weekend, and local church choir directors help the children to prepare the music. When the choir comes together, they spend several hours “polishing” the music and preparing for concerts presented in churches on Sunday.

In our history (1994-present), 113 different churches have participated at least one year. Hundreds of children have had the opportunity to lift up their voices in praise to God through the Kentucky Baptist All-State Children’s Choir. May there be many more voices in years to come!

This group of singers is for 4th through 6th graders and is an audtioned choir.  Ministers of Music select children’s within their music ministry to either videotape or audio record the audition requirements.  Once selected, the group comes together for a weekend (Friday-Sunday) to dilligently rehearse, fellowship, and worship together.  Their preperation comes together for worship services on Sunday, typically a Sunday morning and afternoon concert at churches near the weekend’s location.

KBC staff member, Roxanne Nanney does a great job organizing this group and there is a great response!  In 2010, thirty-nine churches were represented in the 133-voice choir.

I have had the privilege of sending three singers from my church the past three years (2009, 2010, and 2011).  Now, my singers have graduated to sing in the Jr. High Youth Choir this November, led by Jason Stewart.

I would like to encourage you to learn more about this ministry opportunity that allows your singers to excel both musically and spiritually!  Their involvement in this group will strengthen the music ministry at your church and give the singers a lifetime of memories.

It is a mere $10.00 to register your church for the audition process (the weekend is a seperate fee).

Here is a video from a past performance:


Baptists have a rich history in Kentucky. Imbued with the spirit of the Baptist pioneers who conquered the Alleghenies and headed westward with the Gospel of Christ, the state has long taken a leadership role in the life of the Southern Baptist denomination.

The Kentucky Baptist Convention was formed in 1837, eight years before the Southern Baptist Convention was founded in 1845. The Kentucky Baptist Convention is one of the oldest state Baptist conventions.

Visit the KBC website, here.


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