KBC WEEK: Men’s and Women’s Chorale

This week at Church Music Today, we will highlight some of the opportunities that churches in Kentucky have to participate in the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s music and worship department ministries.  We will highlight the All-State Children’s Choir, All-State Youth Choir/Instrumental Ensemble, Men’s & Women’s Chorale, and the State Music Conference.

Being that this is KBC week here at Churchmusictoday.net, I wanted to take a look that the KBC Men’s and Women’s Chorale.

Men’s Chorale

Ministers of music, worship pastors, church music teachers, and even a few pastors from Kentucky Baptist churches, comprise the Kentucky Baptist Men’s Chorale.
This all-male chorus was formed in 1965 by Kentucky Baptists’ first state music director, Eugene Quinn. It has a musical and spiritual legacy from hundreds of music ministers.

(From the Website: http://www.kybaptist.org/kbc.nsf/pages/kentucky-baptist-mens-chorale.html)

This year the Men’s Chorale has a new director: Dr. Tony Cunha—Assistant Professor of Music and Associate Dean of the School of Music at Campbellsville University.

Annual membership dues are $60 ($70 after September 9). There’s an additional $10 music packet deposit for new members. Folder costs are carried over to subsequent years for returning members whose folders were returned at the end of last season.

(From the Website: http://www.kybaptist.org/kbc.nsf/pages/kentucky-baptist-mens-chorale.html)

KBC Staff Member Rod Ellis organizes the Men’s Chorale.

The Chorale season starts each year in September with a weekend (Friday/Saturday) retreat culminating with a Saturday Concert at a local church. The rest of the season is composed of several concerts—usually on Thursday evenings—across the state. Many of these concerts are in conjunction with the KBC Women’s Chorale.  “Like” the KBC Men’s Chorale on facebook.

Women’ Chorale

The Kentucky Baptist Women’s Chorale is a choral group formed in 1988. The objective and purpose of this group is to encourage personal and professional improvement, Christian fellowship, ministry, outreach and spiritual growth through the medium of music.

Sue Ellen Ballard of Central Baptist Church, Paris is director. The accompanist is Nevalyn Moore, a free-lance musician, retired from Campbellsville University.

Membership dues are $60 per year when you register by September 9. Dues increase by $10 after September 9. A $10 music packet deposit is payable at the retreat (unless you “rolled over” your deposit from last year). This is returned to you when you return your music.

(From the Website: http://www.kybaptist.org/kbc.nsf/pages/womens-chorale.html)

As is the case with the Men’s Chorale, the Women’s Chorale also starts its season with a Friday/Saturday retreat in September. The rest of the season is composed of several concerts across the state, many are paired with the Men’s Chorale.
KBC Staff Member Roxanne Nanney organizes the Women’s Chorale.
One of the major points of both Chorales’ seasons is singing during the annual Kentucky Baptist Convention each November.

Kentucky Baptist Men’s Chorale Recruitment Video


Kentucky Baptist Men’s and Women’s Chorale concert selections from 2010.



Baptists have a rich history in Kentucky. Imbued with the spirit of the Baptist pioneers who conquered the Alleghenies and headed westward with the Gospel of Christ, the state has long taken a leadership role in the life of the Southern Baptist denomination.

The Kentucky Baptist Convention was formed in 1837, eight years before the Southern Baptist Convention was founded in 1845. The Kentucky Baptist Convention is one of the oldest state Baptist conventions.

Visit the KBC website, here.


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