Sunday Setlist – 10/30/11 IBC

Immanuel Baptist Church – Morning Worship Service


Call to Worship – “Jesus Saves” (Cottrell) Choir Anthem

Welcome / Announcements / Time of Fellowship

Worship through Song

  1.  All Because of Jesus (Fee) – Casting Crowns arrangement

  2.  Word of God Speak (Millard ) – MercyMe

  3.  Wonderful Words of Life (traditional)


Message – “How to Handle the Word of God”  Nehemiah 8:1-18  – Dr. Harold Best

Time of Response – We Fall Down (Tomlin)

Closing Prayer

This week, my pastor preached about how Ezra opened the Word of God and explained it to the people.  The people in Ezra’s day had an amazing respect for the Word of God.  They stood in honor of it and they fell on their faces out of worship for the God it talked about.  We are in dire need of this type of posture today in our churches.  Could it be that the easy access we have to the Word makes it seem more “common” to us?  It is the very Word of Almighty God!  We would do well to help our people recover a love, awe, and respect for the Word of God.  This is not just the job of the senior pastor, but the responsibility of every worship leader, lay leader, volunteer, etc.  Does your worship planning reflect the authority of the Word of God?  Does it promote a high view of it in every respect?  Does mine?  These are questions we must ask ourselves everyday if we want to be faithful ministers and give our churches what they need more than anything:  The Word of God!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist – 10/30/11 IBC

  1. Thanks for sharing your service plans. I enjoy seeing what other churches are singing. One observation: you give the names of the composers for the contemporary songs, but for all hymns you write ‘traditional.’ Hymns have authors too!

  2. Thanks so much Chris! I appreciate the suggestion. I will work on that as I post the services. I guess I just took for granted.

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