Music Team Book Study – Worship Matters

This week, our praise team began a book study with the book “Worship Matters” by Bob Kauflin.  Fellow contributor, Zach Rice, gave me the idea and so far, it has been great!

We are breaking the chapters into five sessions.  Our folks are BUSY!  So, I wanted to keep it as consice as possible.  The sessions will only cover the specific chapters that apply to the team (generally speaking) and not the worship leader sections.

The team is meeting at different homes along the way and bringing finger foods to share form 6-8pm each session.  Here’s how we’re breaking it down:

The Important Things
My Heart: What Do I Love?
My Mind: What Do I Believe?

My Hands: What Do I Practice?
My Life: What Do I Model?
Guiding Principles
Transcendent and Immanent

Head and Heart
Internal and External
Vertical and Horizontal
Planned and Spontaneous

Rooted and Relevant
Skilled and Authentic
For the Church and for Unbelievers
Event and Everyday

Always People
Your Church
Your Team
Your Pastor

This study is good for me as a minister of music to grow in the Word, educate myself on Biblical views of worship, learn more about my team and grow together as a group.  I’d like to encourage you to take the extra time to organize this with your team.  Choose any book you’d like and switch up the format to make it your own…start small and grow tall, as they say.

To learn more about “Worship Matters” check out this link.


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