Songs that Changed Worship

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Beginning next week, we will take a week-long look at a specific song that we think changed the scope of worship written over the last ten years.

Zach, John, Jason and I will each select a song and do our best to explain why we think that song single-handedly changed our spectrum or current modern worship.

Until then…what’s YOUR choice?  Leave a comment and tell us why!


3 thoughts on “Songs that Changed Worship

  1. As far as picking a song that changed the scope of worship, I don’t think I can narrow it down because I feel they have all played a role in changing worship in some way. As for my church there are two songs that have played a huge role in changing our worship time. The first is “As the Deer”; this song opened the door for contemporary music in my church. The second song that made the biggest change in our music was “How Great is Our God”; we can’t go over a span of two months without doing this song. This is the song that really changed what people in our church thought “church music” should be. It opened our eyes and hearts and really made us start to listen to what we were singing on Sunday morning and has changed the way we look at music. At one time the hymns were just part of the service, songs we had sung for years but after starting to sing contemporary music along with our hymns we started to sing the hymns from the heart and not from memory. The church really started to pay attention to the words they were singing and we all began to realize why we were singing in the first place. For me personally it was the song “Who am I” it really opened my eyes to what worship was and who it was for. I can remember a time when I would leave church and say “well I didn’t get much from the service today” but after hearing and really listening to the words of that song it made me realize I am nothing but a “flower quickly fading” and worship time isn’t about me and what I get out of it but what I give back to Him. This song really puts that into perspective for me and reminds me that I am nothing without Christ and it is Him who deserves all my praise because of who He is and what He has done for me.

  2. I think the songs that really changed worship happened in the 90s, when Noel Richards, Matt Redman, Martin Smith, Hillsong, Stuart Townend, Passion etc came onto the scene. Most of what we hear today and the 2000s is more of a ‘growing up’ of what happened in that period.

    Blimey, I sound like an old man…

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