Songs We Should Sing – “Christ is Able”

Editor’s note: this week our quartet of writers will introduce a song written in the last three years that we should be singing (if we’re not already) in the church…today is “Christ is Able” by Tommy Walker and Mike Harland.

Many people in churches today are searching for modern hymns that are Biblically founded and fresh to the ear – “Christ is Able” is that song!

Available in choir anthem, congregation and praise band arrangements, Red Tie Music has made this new song easily accessible to all sizes of churches.

Here are the lyrics: “Come ye sinners, poor and needy

Come ye wounded, weak and worn

There’s a harbor for the broken

Where the hopeless are reborn


Come ye lost, afraid, forgotten

Let your wondering souls find rest

At your hearts door He is knocking

For you His precious blood was shed


He is able, He is able

Christ is able, still to save

Come ye sinners, poor and needy

Sing to Him our song of praise


Come ye ransomed and forgiven

Come ye rescued from the grave

Rise and worship Christ our Savior

For the glory of His Name!


In the stillness of the morning

In the quiet of the dawn

Praise will rise as darkness scatters

And the song goes on and on!”

The choral anthem can be purchased from LifeWay at this link (which also includes a listening sample).

Or choir and congregation really enjoys this song and it has become a standard in our church.

The following parts can be purchased at RedTieMusic


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