Songs We Should Sing – By Faith

When I mention the names Keith & Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend, I am sure many wonderful modern hymns come to mind.  In Christ Alone, The Power of the Cross, Speak O Lord, O Church Arise to name a few.  However, I am really starting to like one I previously under-estimated, entitled “By Faith.”  It was on their “Awaken the Dawn” project.  I first heard this song at WorshipGod09 in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  This is a fantastic song with great lyrics and a very singable chorus.  The biblical truth conveyed in the song leads the worshiper to press on and fight the good fight of faith.  The music is a little complex primarily because of a few runs of quick chord changes.  However, it’s nothing that a little practice can’t fix!  I believe I actually led this song in worship 2 times in 2009, but for some reason I have overlooked it the past few years.  I have know idea how I could have forgot about this song?  It’s a wonderful hymn for the church and I look forward to brushing it off and leading it again soon!

Verse 1

By faith we see the hand of God / In the light of creation’s grand design
In the lives of those who prove His faithfulness / Who walk by faith and not by sight

Verse 2

By faith our fathers roamed the earth / With the pow’r of His promise in their hearts
Of a holy city built by God’s own hand / A place where peace and justice reign

Chorus 1

We will stand as children of the promise / We will fix our eyes on Him our soul’s reward
Till the race is finished and the work is done / We’ll walk by faith and not by sight

Verse 3

By faith the prophets saw a day / When the longed-for Messiah would appear
With the pow’r to break the chains of sin and death / And rise triumphant from the grave

Verse 4

By faith the church was called to go / In the pow’r of the Spirit to the lost
To deliver captives and to preach good news / In ev’ry corner of the earth

Verse 5

By faith the mountain shall be moved / And the pow’r of the gospel shall prevail
For we know in Christ all things are possible / For all who call upon His name

Keith Getty | Kristyn Getty | Stuart Townend

© 2009 Thankyou Music | Gettymusic

For a YouTube link of the song, click here.  You can purchase 4 part hymnal style Sheetmusic from them & also get free PDF charts at their site, click here.


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