Sunday Setlist – IBC 11/13/11

Order of Worship – Immanuel Baptist Church (11.13.11)


Call to Worship – Everlasting God (Brenton Brown / Ken Riley)

Welcome & Announcements & Fellowship                                               

 Choir Anthem – “I Am Persuaded” (Travis Cottrell – Jesus Saves Live Collection)

 Worship in Song                                                                                       

     1.  Jesus Thank You – Pat Szcebel, Sovereign Grace Music /WorshipGod Live         

     2.  Just As I Am – Travis Cottrell Arr. & Addl. chorus / When the Stars Burn Down 

Scripture Reading – Psalm 103:8-13                         

Worship through Giving

Message in Song – “Please Forgive Me” (Mixed Trio)

Message – “Road to Renewal”  Nehemiah 9, Dr. Harold Best

Time of Commitment – Amazing Grace (John Newton)      

Closing Prayer        


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