Four Free Resources

Every now and then I see some free resources I’d like to share with you on the blog.  A faithful reader sent me one of the links and it reminded me to share it with you!

1) 7 Free Thanksgiving Songs found here.  This will provide you with some fresh Thanksgiving-themed song ideas featuring Hillsong, Mat Redman, Chris Tomlin, and more.

2) 10 Free Christmas Songs found here.  This resource inculded lead sheets and mp3s from Third Day, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, and more!

3) 10 Free Chris Tomlin Songs found here.  This will feature some free lead sheets and mp3s to some powerful Tomlin songs.

4) 7 Days of Free Downloads via VideoBlock found here.  This is a sign-up subscription that you have seven free download days and then you must UNSUBSCRIBE as it will then be a charged feature.  It includes video loops, videos, music, and more.

Heard of any more free resources?  Comment and let us know!


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