2012 New Easter Music, Cantatas, and Collections for Church Choirs

(picture via lillenas.com)

Here is a list of the new 2012 release Easter music for church choirs (links provided as of 12-31-11)


The Way of the Cross Leads H0me (Mary McDonald)

No Stone Could Hold Him (Lloyd Larson)

(for children) The Lost Boy: Young Jesus at the Temple (Allen Pote and Tom Long)

Never Thirst Again (various)

Song of the Lamb (Marty Parks)

Prayers at the Cross (Lee Dengler and Susan Naus Dengler)

(for children) Hallelu!  He Lives! (Ruth Elaine Schram)


Remember: Where the Past Ends and Forever Begins


(Ready to Sing) O What A Savior (Russell Mauldin)

He Lives (various)

Hallelujah Praise the Lamb (Cliff Duren)

Risen Redemption (Harold Ross/Michael Neale)

(for children) It’s All Because of Jesus (various)


Your Great Name (Gary Rhodes)

(unison/2-pt) Not Just a Story (various)

Grace in all it’s Glory (Camp Kirkland)

Jesus is Alive (Daniel Semsen)

(for children) It’s Easter! (Sherry Garrasi)

(for Senior Adults) O What A Savior (Steve Mauldin)

These are the titles found as of 12-31-11, let me know if we’ve missed anything!


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