LifeWayWorship’s New “Worship Sets”

The folks at LifeWayWorship have debuted a new feature on their website called, worship sets.  This new feature has some pre-made worshipsets set to particular themes.

From their website:

Planning worship is now much easier with LifeWay’s Worship Sets. Each Worship Set of 3-4 songs is centered around a specific scripture, theme, or idea, in relative keys–and priced at a substantial savings! You can even preview the Worship Set in its entirety… before purchasing!

Themes include:

  • Celebration & Worship of God
  • Christmas Celebration & Praise
  • Christmas Worship
  • Easter Celebration & Praise
  • Easter Worship
  • God’s Faithfulness
  • God’s Greatness
  • God’s Love & Mercy
  • Good Friday Praise
  • Good Friday Worship & Ministry
  • Jesus, His Powerful Name
  • Jesus, Holy King
  • Jesus, Messiah
  • Jesus, Redeemer
  • Jesus, Savior & Lord
  • Praise the Trinity
  • Thanksgiving
  • Your Great Name said for me to pass along to you that they are “always making more, and always looking for new sets… if you find something that works, tell us!”

Visit the site here to preview the songs in each set and to hear full audio of each set.


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