Know Your Bloggers: Zach Rice

This week’s “Know Your Blogger” series continues with our first regular contributor, Zach Rice.

1. Name – Rev. Zach Rice

2. Family – Married to (Heather, 7yrs), and one daughter (Macey, 3)

3. Years in ministry – 12.5 (ordained in 2009)

4. Names of Churches/ministries served during that time – Part-Time = Mt Carmel Baptist Church (3), Hawesville Baptist Church (1), Pleasant Grove Baptist Church (1) / Full-Time = White Hall Baptist Church (3.5), Immanuel Baptist Church (4).

5. List your current church responsibilities – I am the Minister of Music & Education at Immanuel Baptist Church.  75% music / 25% education.  I lead all aspects of music and worship including morning worship, adult choir, youth worship, music camp, praise team, praise team discipleship, and audio/visual needs.  Moreover, I also oversee Sunday School teachers, care group leaders, outreach leaders, materials, provide input on church-wide discipleship, etc.

6. Favorite all-time choir anthem – “At the Name of Jesus” by Cindy Berry

7. Favorite modern worship song – “Jesus Thank You” by Pat Sczebel

8. Favorite traditional hymn – “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” by Joachim Neander

9. Last music you purchased for yourself (CD or off of iTunes) – I use Spotify so it has been awhile.  Hmm?  Probably the “Enfield Hymns Project” at WorshipGod11 conference.

10. Last book (about worship/ministry) you’ve read.  “The Disciplines of Grace” by Jerry Bridges.  Currently reading “Real Marriage” by Mark Driscoll.  Getting ready to read “Jesus + Nothing = Everything” by Tullian Tchividjin.

11. Three people that have influenced your ministry in the last few years.  1.  My wife – Heather allows me to do what I do by caring for our daughter.  I have also grown so much just by living life with her.  We truly are best friends.  2.  My pastor – Dr. Harold Best.  He is not only my pastor but a great friend.  I have learned so much about grace, marriage, and how to live biblically from him.  3.  My daughter – Macey turns 3 (Jan 24).  Since she has came into my life, I have continually learned how selfish I am.  She has also brought much joy to me and helped me to lighten up and realize what is truly important.

12. List a ministry strength of yours – Putting myself in others shoes.  Whether I agree with them or not, I can usually see where someone is coming from.  Typically, this helps me not to overreact in ministry situations.

13. List a ministry weakness – Speaking between songs.  I am learning that I need to prepare, study, pray, and think through spoken transitions rather than shooting from the hip.  I heard it said that a pastor has 35-40 minutes to say what he needs to say, worship leaders have 3-4 minutes max.  It is vital to learn to be clear and direct.

14. Your “go-to” websites during the week for your ministries – CCLI SongSelect, Twitter, Worship Matters, Church Music Today (shameless plug), YouTube, David Santistevan blog, YouVersion.

15. If you could go back and tell yourself one thing as you started ministry knowing what you know now, what would it be?  Be diligent to not forsake the spiritual disciplines (prayer, bible study, etc)


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