Know Your Bloggers: John Cashion

This week’s series continues with our contributor, John Cashion!

1. Name John G. Cashion

2. Family Married for 38 years to Jerre; two children (33-year old daughter and 29 year-old son); and for now, an 8-month old foster child

3. Years in Ministry In some capacity for 39 years; full-time for 35.

4. Churches served: Fort Hill, Glenwood, and Beaumont Ave. Baptist in Knoxville, TN; Hall Street, Owensboro and Beaver Dam Baptist in KY

5. Current Position: Minister of Music at Beaver Dam Baptist; Plan and lead worship; lead adult, youth, older children’s choir and adult and children’s HB choirs; oversee children’s choir program, audio/visual department, plan the occasional Sr. Adult trip; pastoral care ministries and other stuff as need and opportunity arise.

6. Favorite choral anthem: Impossible to answer, and changes often, but at the moment would probably involve the names Joseph Martin or Pepper Choplin . . .

7. Favorite modern worship song: Also impossible, but for now might include “Amazing to Me” by a fellow named Danny Davis and “Hear My Worship” by Jamogochian/Mizel

8. Favorite hymn: Partial to great, historic church hymns with meaningful, challenging poetry–and also “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”

9. Last music you purchased…Between the internet and the radio, I rarely feel the need to buy music–whatever I want to hear is usually out there somewhere.

10. Last book read...Am reading the Barclay Daily Bible Study series–in Mark right now

11. Ministry influences...Chip Stam, Pepper Choplin, Keith Getty (the last two simply through what they have created).

12. Ministry Strength…Worship planning

13. Ministry Weakness…Personal mentoring

14. Your go-to websites? PraiseCharts, J.W. Pepper, Itunes,

15. If you could go back and tell yourself one thing as you started ministry knowing what you know now, what would it be? Quote from James Denney via Barclay: “We cannot at the same time show that we are clever and Christ is wonderful.” I’m not sure this is an absolute truth, but it sure gives pause to anyone engaged in any kind of public ministry. I think we are engaged in an ongoing battle with the tyranny of what others think about us.”


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