Know Your Bloggers: Jason Logan

Our final post in this series features our most recent contributor, Jason Logan.

1. Name – Rev. Jason C. Logan

2. Family –I have a wife of 6.5 years, a son that is two, and several four-legged squatters.

3. Years in ministry – 8 (ordained in 2008)

4. Names of Churches/ministries served during that time – Muldraugh Hill BC (2) Greensburg BC (3) FBC Paris (3)

5. List your current church responsibilities – I am the Minister of Music and Education at FBC Paris.  I lead all aspects of music and worship including: 3 worship services, adult choir, youth praise band, children’s music, preschool choir, handbell choir, praise band, orchestra, music library, and audio/
visual scheduling.  I also oversee our church wide Sunday school.

6. Favorite all-time choir anthem – I try not to have favorites but If you are making me choose, I pick “His Life for Mine with Jesus Paid it All” by Rebecca Peck arr. Lari Goss.  The dichotomy between what Jesus endured and what it accomplished for me is always awe inspiring–every rehearsal, every offering.  Also, the writers skillfully take what could have been a solo and set it for all the women (Isn’t it great when a choir actually gets to sing the verses?!)  Last, the quote of “Jesus Paid it All” sets the song off; it simply places it on a higher level because I believe it is a natural overflow of what is occurring in the music.

7. Favorite modern worship song – At the moment, “Christ is Risen” by Matt Maher and Mia Fieldes.  Wow, what a bridge!  What a call for all Christians to wake up and realize who God is, what he has done, and what that should inspire us to do.

8. Favorite traditional hymn – “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go”  BB McKinney.   It has been my favorite for a long time.  It is a constant reminder for me to be ready for anything.  

9. Last music you purchased for yourself (CD or off of iTunes)– First of all , It has been years! Jussi Bjorling Rediscovered: The Carnegie Hall Recital.  (Yes, I like classical music sung by great tenors.)

10. Last book (about worship/ministry) you’ve read.“Worship Matters” by Bob Kauflin. (For a class, but I am very glad I did.)

11. Three people that have influenced your ministry in the last few years.  Dave Love, Barry Liesch (through Books) Dr. Tony Cunha.

12. List a ministry strength of yours– Vision, Planning, Teaching.

13. List a ministry weakness– Overly Stubborn at times.

14. Your “go-to” websites during the week for your ministries— SongSelect.  Timeless Truths Free Online Library–great resource for hymns to get different keys. (They are scorch files: pick a key, any key.) Praise Charts.  YouTube.

15. If you could go back and tell yourself one thing as you started ministry knowing what you know now, what would it be?  Learn to play classical piano at all costs!!!!!! Nothing will help you more musically.  Trust your theology, you do not need to seek the approval of others in regards to what you know is right.


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