Top 20 Most Influential Worship Albums of the Past 20 Years

(as seen in the Jan/Feb 2012 Worship Leader Magazine – pg. 28-33 / pic from their site)

Worship Leader magazine recently published a list of the 20 most influential worship albums of the past twenty years.  That’s a pretty big statement they are making.  The word “influential” means so many things to so many people, so I believe they could have used a better word, but needless to say, that’s why I blog and they sell magazines.  The list below is from their website and I’d like to ask you to take a gander at it, dissect it, and analyze it.  Check out my questions below…

For fun and as a look down memory lane, we have chosen what we consider the top 20 most influential worship releases of the past 20 years.

20. OFFERINGS – Third Day, 2000

19. BREAK THROUGH – Tommy Walker, 2006

18. ETERNITY – Misty Edwards, 2003

17. WORSHIP – Michael W Smith, 2001

16. HUNGRY – Vineyard UK, 1999

15. WE CRY OUT – Jesus Culture, 2007

14. HEART OF WORSHIP – Soul Survivor, 1996

13. DONNIE MCCLURKIN – Donnie McClurken, 1997

12. A COLLISION OR (3+4=7) – David Crowder Band, 2005

11. SHOUT TO THE LORD – Hillsong, 1996

10. PASSION: BETTER IS ONE DAY – Passion Band, 1999

9. PRAY – Andrae Crouch, 2010

8. BEAUTIFUL THINGS – Gungor, 2010

7. FACEDOWN – Matt Redman, 2003

6. UNITED WE STAND – Hillsong United, 2010

5. CHANGE MY HEART, OH GOD – Vineyard, 1996

4. LIVE FROM ANOTHER LEVEL – Israel Houghton, 2004

3. A GREATER SONG – Paul Baloche, 2006

2. ARRIVING – Chris Tomlin, 2004

1.  CUTTING EDGE – Delirious?, 2000

Here are some questions for you:

A) How many of these titles did you recognize?

B) How many of these titles did/do you own?

C) So, 16 of the best 20 worship releases have been released since 2000?

D) Did you agree with these selections?  If not, what other suggestion would you argue?

I am not an expert in this field…anyone who claims to be is silly.  But, I am fairly current on music releases and I feel as though I would have recognized the majority of this list.  But, I only knew of eight of the twenty albums.  I only own/have owned three of the twenty.

Are they correct in this thinking?  Why or why not?  Leave us a comment!!!


5 thoughts on “Top 20 Most Influential Worship Albums of the Past 20 Years

  1. A) 7
    B) 4-5?
    C) I think the list is a little short-sighted. IMO, A lot of the best worship albums are from lesser known artists.
    D) Not really. Obviously Tomlin, Baloche, Hillsong have made an indelible mark on the worship culture but after that I find some of the selections “head scratchers.”

  2. A. 13
    B. 4
    C. I agree with Zach. Most of the worship music that really connects with me starts locally and doesn’t always make it to production or top the charts.
    D. There are certainly some that I would add to a list of albums that have been most influential in my life but I’m not sure it’s worth chasing down an all inclusive list.

  3. Your list is definitly not an all inclusive list. You left out “Revival in Belfast” by Robin Mark, released in the US in 1999. As of today, 9-23-2012, Amazon has it at #3,644 on their Best Sellers Rank & Barnes and Nobles has it at #8,035 on their Best Sellers Rank. It appears to still be influencing peope today, despite it age. You also left off “Songs” released in 1996 by Rich Mullins who passed away on 9-19-1997 in a car accident. Amazon lists him at #12,137. Some may disagree that this is a worhip album, but we sang some of these songs during praise and worship at our church and as far as I’m concerned it on my list. Now my favorites on your list, how did they fair – Arriving by Chris Tomlin ranked #4,727, Offerings by Third Day (I personally feel this is their best album) ranked #27,200, and Passion: Better is One Day ranked #53,245. Note: These rankings change as sales are made, so if you look them up, they won’t match.

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