Sunday Setlist – HBC – 2/5/12

  • Ordinance of Baptism
  • Opening Song – Hosanna
  • Revelation Song
  • Time of Scripture and Prayer
  • Children’s Time
  • All That Thrills My Soul/Jesus Draw Me Close
  • Offertory – piano solo by our organist ūüôā
  • Choir – Take My Life and Let It Be
  • Message – Real Relationships: Singleness and Dating (I Corinthians 7:25-40)
  • Song of Response – From the Inside Out¬†

This past Sunday, we began a new sermon series called “Real Relationships” about…well…having Biblical relationships (singleness, dating, marriage, role of husband, role of wife, conflict, communication and divorce).

The first two songs are general songs of praise. ¬†“Hosanna”, by Brooke Fraiser, was the first time the church had ever sung it. ¬†The Youth Choir learned it over the past three weeks and introduced it first by singing an abbreviated version (V1, V2, C, V3, V4, C) and then the congregation stood and we did it all over again. ¬†The praise band played along the second time.

“Revelation Song” is a new one for us as well (new to most folks in the local church, really) that the congregation really sings out on. ¬†The band enjoyed playing it…rehearsal was better than worship for us on this particular run-through, but hey, they happens. ¬†I thought I was perfect!!!!! ¬†I mean I DO run a blog. ¬† ūüôā

At this point in the service we began running thematically as we sang the hymn “All that Thrills My Soul is Jesus” and “Jesus Draw Me Close”. ¬†One thing is true, either we ARE single or we HAVE been single. ¬†Moreover, we all KNOW someone who is single. ¬†Regardless of our status, our prayer is that Jesus would draw us close to Him and that the only thing that could thrill our soul is a relationship with Him, our Creator.

The Sanctuary Choir led us in a strong anthem of “Take My Life and Let It Be” a perfect anthem for singles dedicating their life to Him – no matter what He has planned for them: either a life called to singleness or marriage in the future. ¬†Listen to the anthem in its entirety here (arrangement by Jay Rouse).

Our Sermon Series theme song is Hillsong’s “From the Inside Out” realizing that all relationships need to be true and we may fail several times but our heart’s desire is to give Him full control in our lives.

Listen to the message here from my pastor, Rev. Mark Williams.


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